Three Types Of Sprinkler Repairs

Automated sprinkler systems are a great and efficient way to irrigate properties of any size. However, just like many other aspects of owning property, they require proper maintenance to keep them running properly. If the system breaks down, it can cause a huge mess that can be quite costly to repair. This guide goes over basic sprinkler system repairs.


A leak in the sprinkler system is a pretty common occurrence over the years. It typically happens when the seals around the valves become worn down due to normal wear and tear. It can also happen if the sprinklers became damage from lawn mowers or other accidents. When there are leaks in the system, there will be a loss of pressure and the entire system can fail. If you do not catch the leaks in time, you may notice a higher than normal water bill for all the excess water that is leaking throughout the property. Leaks can be fixed by finding the source and determining what caused the problem, such as the broken seal mentioned before. Routine checks of all seals can go a long way towards preventing future leaks. Any seals that appear dry and cracked should be replaced.

Clogged Sprinklers

If the sprinklers appear to have a limited amount of water spraying from the nozzle, it may be due to a clog that is blocking the water. It may be as simple as wiping dirt or other debris from the nozzle, which will allow the water to start spraying at a normal rate again. If the clog is deeper inside the system, you might have to take the nozzle apart and physically remove the clog. If the clog is in there too long, it may turn into an even larger issue and cause more damage to the entire sprinkler system.

Blocked Sprinklers

A sprinkler system needs to be installed in a way that the sprinkler heads will not be blocked. A professional can help you lay out the system to ensure the best possible design to make sure the irrigation works and keeps the lawn nice and wet. If you think your sprinklers will be blocked, you should move the object to another area of the yard if possible or try to rethink the layout. Always check after storms that may have caused debris like branches to land on the sprinklers and remove them as quickly as you notice. Contact a business, such as USA Hoich Irrigation, for more information.