Tulips A No-Show? 3 Tips To Ensure They Come Up Beautiful Next Year

If you planted tulips and they did not perform well this spring, you were probably very disappointed. These flowers are beautiful and a great addition to any landscaping. They are also a sign of warm weather in the near future. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help ensure they come up beautifully for you next year, three of which are listed below.

Protect Them

Tulip bulbs are like dessert for animals such as squirrels, deer, and voles. This is because these bulbs give off a sweet scent that can be smelled even if they are buried in the soil. Some animals will remove the bulbs completely and others will simply chew on them. You will find these chewed up bulbs on the top of the soil, and you may plant them again thinking they will be okay.

One way to prevent this from happening next year is to spray a substance on the bulbs that masks the sweet smell. You can find this substance at garden centers and it will not hurt your bulbs at all. You will have to reapply the substance once a year, however.

You can also place a wire mesh over the bulbs during the off season. Lay the mesh directly on top of the flower bed, extending it a few feet between each tulip. When you are finished, stake it down so it stays in place.

Check the Bulbs

If this is the first year you have planted the bulbs, it may be that the bulbs are bad. One way to determine this is to squeeze the bulbs. If they feel soft, then you should remove them. The bulbs should also not have any black or brown spots on them, as this is a sign they are old or have other damage.

Buy bulbs at the beginning of the fall season from a reputable garden center. Check the bulbs closely by doing the above steps.

Prevent Them from Coming Up Too Early

If your winter is unusually warm, this tricks the tulips into thinking it is spring. You will likely start seeing foliage growing up out of the soil. If steps are not taken to protect them, the flowers will not perform well in the spring.

If this same weather pattern happens next year, place several inches of mulch, straw, or evergreen boughs over the soil to prevent the soil from feeling the warmth.

If you have questions, contact a landscape contractor in your area. This is especially helpful if you have a large garden filled with tulips. They can give you much more info to help your tulips grow.