Tired Of Your Lawn? 3 Steps To Liven It Up With A New Shape

If you're looking for a way to revitalize a tired old lawn, giving it a new shape could be just what the doctor ordered. Shaping your lawn can open up a world of new landscape possibilities and create a fantastic focal point for guests and passers-by.

Here's how you do it in 3 steps.

What Shapes are Available?

Most lawns are planted in a standard rectangle shape. But you can actually use any number of different structures, from squares to circles to ovals. You can also ditch traditional geometry and go for a casual kidney shape or even a random curving lawn.

You may even want to combine a couple of geometric shapes -- such as a square with a half-moon shape on one end -- to make things even more unique.

How Can You Decide?

With so many options, it can seem hard to decide on one that's right for your yard. Start by drawing your existing yard's permanent structures (like the house, walkways, driveway, and trees) on a sheet of paper. Measure the yard and use graph paper to create a drawing that's roughly to scale (such as ½ inch equaling 1 foot). The advantage of drawing the shapes on paper is that you can experiment as much as you want without committing. For particularly difficult yards, you may want to consult with a professional landscape designer. 

Think about the style of your yard and the architecture of the house. Some shapes are more formal -- rectangles, squares, and circles, for example -- and some are more casual and natural -- such as ovals, kidney beans, and freestyle. In addition, think about how the shape can highlight other focal points in the yard, like a tree or the front entrance. Use the house as a base, and try to place straight lines at either a 90 degree angle or 45 degree angle from the house's lines.

Implementing a Shape

Transferring your chosen shape to the lawn can be hard, so take your time. For circles and other curves, the easiest way is to plant a stake or desired curve with spray paint or a line of sand. That same stake and string will also allow you to make practically perfect straight lines. Freestyle lawn shapes can be harder to transfer from paper, but you can use a simple garden hose laid out on the ground to find a design that makes you happy. 

By rethinking the shape of your grass, you can breathe new life into any yard no matter how large or small it is. For more information and help, contact a professional landscape design company in your area.