Transplanting Plants To A New Home? 3 Landscaping Tips For Avoiding Full Sun Exposure

Most people think about the possessions in their home when it comes to moving to another home. Items such as furniture and appliances will typically be the most challenging to transport safely. But, if you are moving out of a home that you have been living in for a number of years and you have taken care of the landscape the entire time, the yard may be full of plants that you want to along for the move. It is not an easy task to accomplish because your new home may not have the same kind of layout or climate. So, if the landscape has a lot of sun, you should hire a landscaper to help with avoiding full sun exposure.

Make Use of Evergreen Trees

Any tree will help to reduce sun exposure for when you want to transplant plants. But, you should focus on evergreen trees because you know they will provide lots of shade coverage throughout the year. If you need to plant some trees to get the shade you need, you can always buy ones that are partially matured to gain immediate shade coverage while knowing that you will get even more shade in the future. A landscaping professional can help you pick native evergreen trees that should be easy to maintain.

Follow the Sun's Pattern

It is important to keep an eye on the yard for a few days or weeks before you start undertaking major projects. Getting to know where the sun shines the most on your landscape and sharing these details with your landscaper can help them create a plan for transplanting without having to do much extra work. There may be nearby buildings, trees, or structures that already provide the shade that you need.

Use Siding and Fencing

Being able to minimize professional costs is an excellent opportunity. This may be possible by picking the fencing on your property or the siding of your house as the main destination for transplanting. This means you will only have to pay for a landscaper to transplant your plants without needing to add sunlight protection. Being able to save a bit of money can help if you decide to go the route of growing evergreen trees as they are inexpensive from a seed or seedling, but they can add up in cost the larger you go.

Following these tips should put you in a great position for bringing your plants to your new home. For more information, contact companies like W.H. Boyer, Inc.