3 Ways Drip Irrigation Is Better Than Hose Watering

Are you trying to start a garden in a new location? Are you tired of the summer heat killing your plants before they can get properly established? Putting in new plants can be difficult and may be an exercise in frustration. Getting plants to grow where no plants, or just grass, have grown before can require a lot of trial and error. One thing that you can do to help ensure that your efforts are successful is to maintain a relatively steady supply of water to the plants in question. Although you could simply water the plants with a hose, a better method is that of drip irrigation. Some of the advantages of drip irrigation over sprinklers or other hose watering include:

Less wasted water: When using a hose or a sprinkler, much of the water winds up in an area which cannot be reached by your plants. This water then may go to waste via evaporation. When a drip irrigation service installs the watering system, they'll be able to place the water outputs directly at the base of each plant. This targeted water system means that you'll be able to water your plants for a longer period of time while actually using less water than you were before. 

Less sun damage: As you probably already know, plants can get burned or scorched by the sun just as humans can. This can happen when the water from a hose or a sprinkler falls on a plant to create a magnifying lens effect. Even if your plant or plants could normally tolerate the amount of light that they get each day, these magnifying droplets of water can quickly harm even plants that are usually quite hardy. Obviously, when the drip irrigation service puts in the actual irrigation, the water will go directly to the roots and not o the leaves of the plant. This will help to protect your garden from scorching and sun damage. 

Install a timer: When putting in the system, your drip irrigation service can add a timing mechanism as well. When you lead a busy lifestyle, it's not always easy to be home to turn the water in your garden on and off. Mistimed waterings may be the difference between a vibrant garden and one that is full of dead or dying plants. With your garden watering on a schedule, you'll always be secure in the knowledge that your plants are not thirsty and are well hydrated.  


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