Three Signs Your Tree Needs To Go… Right Now

Trees are beautiful, majestic plants, providing shade and adding greenery to your yard. They also release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, which is great for the planet. But unfortunately, trees can also cause damage, and they can become an unhealthy, unwanted component of your space sometimes. When this occurs, it's generally better to have the tree removed sooner rather than later. Here's a closer look at three signs it's time to call in the pros and have a tree removed from your yard.

It's shielding your roof.

If there are just a few branches overshadowing your roof, then you can have the tree trimmed back. However, if no degree of trimming will get your roof out of the shade, then it's probably best to have the tree removed. This will extend your roof's life since the shade can lead to damaging moss and algae growth. It will also reduce the chances that a tree branch will fall on your roof during a storm, leading to leaks and extensive damage.

There are brackets growing on the trunk.

There are many different fungal diseases that can affect trees. Some stay rather minor, while others become deadly quickly. If your tree is developing brackets (which look like large mushrooms) on its trunk, this is a sign of a serious fungal disease that will soon kill the tree. By the time brackets appear, the fungus has reached the deepest tissues in the tree's trunk. The tree will not come back from that, so it's best to just have it removed. The longer you leave it standing, the more it will spread the fungi to neighboring trees.

Branches in the upper crown are dying.

If you look up into the tree and see a few dead branches here and there, that's generally no big deal. Have those branches removed, and the tree should be good to go. However, if there is a clump of dead branches at the crown of the tree that are dead, this is typically a sign of a serious disease. Having the tree removed is your best option. Your tree care expert can look over the tree and make sure this is the case before removing it.

Removing a tree from your property is a demanding and intricate task. It's not always easy to do it without damaging your home or other trees, so hire a contractor to remove the tree so you can ensure it's done properly. For more information, contact a business such as Jonny's Tree & Landscaping Co., LLC.