3 Important Things To Do Before Any Tree Removal

Are you the owner of a property with one or more unwanted trees growing on it? Do you want to remove at least one tree so that you can do something else with the area? Even with professional assistance, getting rid of an unwanted tree can sometimes be a lengthy and annoying process. The key to making sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible and can be finished in a timely manner is preparing everything beforehand. Some things that you may want to consider doing include:

Remove fence sections: In order to get rid of the tree or trees in question, the tree removal equipment will need to be able to get to the tree that is to be cut down. Some of this equipment, such as chainsaws, may be completely portable. Other pieces of equipment are larger and, if any of the trees are in the backyard, may be difficult to get through your fence gate. Carefully dismantling a section of your fence and reinstalling it later may be the fastest and easiest way to allow access. In order to ensure that your fence will be completely solid once again, you may want to hire a professional fence installer to deal with the fence itself.

Clear the area: Obviously, you should make sure to move hoses, toys, and any other small items out of the way and into a shed or your garage. This will help remove possible hazards for the tree removal professionals, preventing potential injuries. However, you should also make sure to clear the area of larger items as well. This includes parking your car either in your garage or somewhere down the street. Although professionals rarely have accidents, you will want anything that could possibly be damaged by a falling tree branch to be moved out of the way of any possible harm.

Acquire any necessary permits: Most municipalities likely won't care when you cut down one of your own trees. However, some may require a permit for the tree removal company to use or park their equipment on the street in front of your home. The tree removal company should be able to tell you whether or not the city will expect or require you to get any permits and help you fill out any of the necessary paperwork. The sooner you find out about whether or not a permit is necessary, the sooner you can have your tree removed. 

Companies like Arborcare Tree Service can help you determine what else may need to be done.