Tips To Create Zones For Different Irrigation Needs In Landscaping Designs With Sprinklers

The irrigation of landscaping can be difficult, and you want to use as little water as possible. You may also want to have different plants that have different needs, such as shade loving plants or flowers that need full sun. Creating zones with your irrigation system will give you the sprinkler system you need for different plant types. Here are some tips to create a special sprinkler system with zones for the different needs of plants:

1. The Watering Needs of Lawns and Grass with Efficient Sprinklers

Grassy lawns are areas of your landscaping that will need to have the most watering. This is where you will want to talk with the sprinkler service about installing more sprinkler heads for the watering needs of your lawn. The zones with lawns may also have features like soaker hoses if you want to use an alternative to conventional sprinklers for your lawn irrigation.

2. Using Drip Irrigation for Zones with Flower Beds and Individual Plants

Drip irrigation is another option that you may want to consider for irrigation needs of your landscaping. With drip irrigation, you will be able to greatly reduce the water usage for areas like flowerbeds and individual plants. If you are having a sprinkler system repaired or installed, a special manifold for the drip irrigation can be installed. There are also different timers that can be installed for drip irrigation, which will make zones with the drip irrigation different than any conventional sprinklers you have installed in your landscaping irrigation design.

3. Separate Zones for Shaded Areas That Will Need Less Watering Than Full-Sun Areas

The shaded areas are also going to need watering, but they will need less. Consider creating separate zones for the shaded areas of your landscaping. This will help ensure that the plants do not get over watered when the full-sun areas are being watered. The sprinkler heads that you use in the shaded areas may also be smaller and have a lower flow of water. In addition, consider using alternatives like drip irrigation in the shaded areas. You may also want to make irrigation systems water in a manner that allows water to flow to lower areas, allowing you to use less irrigation lines and features in the shaded zones.

The irrigation system for your landscaping will be more efficient and water plants according to their needs with a zoned design. Contact a sprinkler repair service and talk with them about some of these options for creating zones for your landscaping irrigation needs.