Want A Beautiful Exterior? 2 Tips To Get Your Landscaping Ready For Spring

Now that spring is here, it is time to go outside and do some landscaping. This can make your yard look beautiful, which improves the curb appeal of your home. There are many things you can do to transform your landscaping to wipe winter damage away. Here are two tips to prepare your landscaping for spring. 

Fertilize the Lawn

Winter can wreak havoc on a lawn and cause damage if you had a lot of ice and snow over the winter. To help give it a good start, you should add grass fertilizer to your lawn. This not only helps your lawn look much healthier, but you will see green grass growing much quicker.

Go to a garden center and purchase the fertilizer. Make sure what you purchase is for grass to ensure it has the proper nutrients in it. Ask a garden center employee if you need help.

To make things easier for you use a spreader to apply the fertilizer instead of by hand. A spreader will also put an even coverage of the fertilizer. A fertilizer spreader can be found at a garden center and they are not generally expensive. What you purchase will come with complete instructions on how to use it.

Water your lawn a few days before you spread the fertilizer to ensure there are no dry spots. Fertilizer cannot get into soil that is hard and dry. When you are finished let the grass completely dry before you apply fertilizer. For more information, contact a business such as Cutter Up

Clean up Flowers

If you have perennial flower beds now is the time to clean them up. Debris has likely been sitting on the soil all winter. Remove everything you see, such as sticks, leaves, rocks, and more until everything is gone. If you live in an area that has warm temperatures, your flower bed may have a lot of weeds. If so, it is best to pull these out by hand. Make sure you get the entire root when pulling so the weed will not grow back. If you have one that is hard to pull, there are tools you can purchase that are made to remove weeds.

Depending on the type of flowers you have, you should also add fertilizer to give them a good start. Do research as some types of flowers should not be fertilized.

Hire a landscape contractor in your area if you need help with fertilizing your lawn or cleaning up your flower beds.