7 Tips For Mowing Your Lawn Effectively And Safely

With spring and summer always just around the corner, you might always be on the search for tips for mowing your lawn effectively and safely. Techniques can improve the appearance of your lawn and also make it easier to maintain in the long run. This list will help you mow your lawn so that you maximize efficiency without sacrificing your own safety in the process:

1. Want fewer weeds? Mow more often.

The more you mow, the denser your grass becomes. When your grass becomes denser, fewer weeds grow.

2. Never mow more than one-third of the blade.

Every mower should understand the need to mow down just one-third of the grass blades. Close cuts can lead to brown lawns that never look watered. Additionally, mowing too much can cause injury to the grass, meaning nutrients do not reach the blade as they are meant to. Additionally, this makes it harder for the blade of grass to undergo photosynthesis.

3. Mow before you water.

Never try to mow the lawn when it is wet. You will find it much simpler to mow dry grass because it does not fall over or clump as you try to cut the blades.

4. Sharpen your mower blades often.

Balanced, sharpened blades are important. When your mower has dull blades, the cuts are relatively ragged. This means your grass may appear tattered, not cut. Grass may be more susceptible to bugs and disease when it is not cleanly cut.

5. Grass cycling can be good practice.

Don't feel like picking up your lawn's clippings? That's fine. Many people do this as part of a technique called grass cycling, and it is known for returning nutrients back to the lawn. Just make sure that the grass is not left in clumps and is spread out.

6. Vary your mowing pattern.

It is a good idea to mow your lawn in different directions each time you hit the lawn. If you always mow in the same pattern, you run the risk of compacting the soil.

7. Don't get stuck on a set mowing schedule.

Only mow the lawn when it is necessary to do so. There is no reason to mow every two weeks during the winter months when the lawn is not growing as fast.

With proper lawn care and maintenance, you will see great improvements in the look and feel of your yard. Contact a lawn mowing company for more information and assistance.