Proper Lawn Maintenance Is More Than Cutting Grass

Some property owners think that lawn maintenance simply means "cutting grass." However, this is not the case. True lawn maintenance does involve keeping your grass trimmed, but it also addresses other issues that could result in your grass appearing brown. You might even end up with patches in your lawn where grass does not grow if you improperly maintain it. This is why it is ideal to include lawn care specialists in your maintenance objectives. The following points will help you to understand some potential consequences of improper maintenance. 

Pest Damage

Some pests, such as grubs, can wreak havoc on lawns. It is possible for property owners to not know that this activity exists below the surface until extensive damage has been done by the grubs. These pests can be eradicated, but it is ideal to treat these types of infestations as early as possible. This is why it is sensible to have a professional lawn care company provide your lawn maintenance. These professionals will know the signs of pest activity and have access to appropriate treatment methods. Even if you have concerns about protecting your pets or young children from chemicals, some companies offer green solutions.

Brown Spots

This is a phenomenon that can occur when grass does not receive adequate water, has been scorched by the sun, or is dying due to pest activity. The appropriate treatment will depend on the exact nature of the brown spots. If you ignore this type of issue, it will likely get worse and mean that your lawn loses its beauty. Proper watering schedules with sprinklers can help correct issues that are due to the sun and dry soil. 


Sometimes property owners install sprinkler systems and do not take the time to ensure that they sprinklers are providing the correct amount of water throughout their lawns. Giving your lawn too much water can "drown" your grass. You might start to notice portions that are yellow or patches in your lawn that are oversaturated with water. Sometimes this issue is related to a bad sprinkler head. Proper lawn maintenance will ensure that you know and can correct the cause.

A lawn maintenance specialist is a good resource to use to determine what your lawn needs to look its best. They can identify and rectify issues that exist. This can lead to you having healthier grass in the future. You might also be a good candidate for artificial turf grass. Some of these specialists offer full-service landscaping services.