3 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Trimming Your Fruit Trees

Whether it is a beautiful pear tree that flowers out in the spring or a decadent apple tree that bears fruit for you ever fall, there is no doubt about it, fruit trees have a lot to give when placed on your property. However, unlike a lot of other trees, fruit-bearing trees do need a little more personalized attention, specifically when it comes to pruning the branches. To flourish and provide healthy fruit, fruit trees have to be trimmed on a regular basis.

Yet, these tree-trimming tasks may not be something you should tackle all by yourself. Take a look at these three reasons why you should hire services like Treetime Inc to trim the fruit trees on your property. 

Fruit trees commonly harbor pests. 

From the fragrant flowers to the sweet fruit, there are all kinds of reasons why some pests love to hang out in and near fruit trees. because of this, just trying to trim your fruit trees on your own can mean you will have close and uncomfortable encounters with things like bees, wasps, and other stinging insects. This can be a real problem if you have allergies, but can also be a problem if you don't like the idea of being attacked and stung by pests while you are trying to trim off the limbs of your trees. 

Trimming fruit trees improperly can stunt their growth. 

There are certain rules to follow when you are pruning your trees that bear fruit so you don't inhibit their growth and fruit-bearing abilities come harvest season. For example, it is best to prune most fruit trees when they are not in bloom or dormant. Trimming your trees when they are filled with foliage or fruit can greatly put the tree at risk of not being able to produce like it normally would. 

The trimmings from fruit trees can be harmful to some pets.

Did you know that apple trees contain a chemical compound that is much like cyanide and can be incredibly dangerous to dogs? This may come as a surprise, but is actually fairly common. Many fruit trees contain toxic compounds in the stems, leaves, and branches that can be incredibly harmful for pets if ingested. By hiring a professional tree service to do the trimming for you, you can rest assured that every last scrap of debris will be removed from your yard so your pets are not left in any danger.