Landscaping A Desert Yard? 5 Tips To Help It Bloom

If you're landscaping a desert yard, you may think that you're limited to a dull and lifeless yard. But, in reality, you can design a great yard even in the harshest of climates. Here are 5 top tips for a desert yard that rocks.

Add Color. Select colors that will add to your yard by contrasting nicely with the red, brown, or sandy colors of the main base. This may even call for a little research into the color wheel so that you can choose complementary colors that will work well together or with other features. 

Use Containers. Container gardening is especially important in naturally dry regions. It will help you add vibrancy and color while saving water and focusing your soil and watering efforts to where they're needed most. Mobile containers, especially those on small casters or wheels, can also be moved around so that they never get too much sun or not enough. 

Know the Needs. Each plant you choose will have its own specific water, soil, and sunlight needs. Get to know these before you decide where to plant greenery. Planting a water-loving flower next to a native shrub that loves dry soil can result in two unhealthy plants or a waste of water. Instead, group plants, trees, and bushes according to their tolerances and requirements. This will save you time, money, and work.

Move Beyond Rocks. You probably want to use some landscape rocks or boulders in your landscape design, but don't use them exclusively. Rocks make great accent pieces, but they shouldn't overpower the yard. Not only could it look uninviting and less alive, but it's also likely to trap heat and make the yard hotter than it should be. Instead, use a single rock or patch of pebbles as a focal point around which to plant greenery, place a fun fire pit, or add flowering succulents. 

Go Native. It can't be stressed enough that you should always start your plant search with native species. Local plants are already adapted to local conditions, including sun and moisture. They will have the best chance to thrive with less maintenance and less watering. It's a win-win situation. Your neighborhood nursery or a local landscape designer can help you select native plants that look great, including some that mimic more exotic varieties. 

Using these few simple guidelines to choose a good combination of plants and hardscape in your desert yard will help ensure that you create a space that makes you happy for years to come. Check out sites like for more information.