Four Hardscaping Ideas For Around Your Pool

If you are having a pool put into your backyard, you may want to consider including some hardscaping in the design. Hardscaping elements are landscaping elements made from concrete. They are built into your structure, and they have the benefit of making it more attractive and also more functional. Here are four specific hardscaping elements to include in your pool design by a hardscape service.

Built-In Table and Chairs

Wouldn't it be nice to not have to pick up and move a table and chairs each time you want to dine outside? If you have a table and chairs hardscaped into your pool area, you do not have to. The table can be made from concrete with a big pedestal base and a flat, round top. You can put two round benches around the table where people can slide in and sit. If you're worried about the comfort of sitting on a concrete bench, juts invest in some cushions to put on the benches when you use them.

Viewing Benches

If you have little kids, you probably want to be supervising them while they are in the pool, and it is nice to have a comfortable seat from which you can do so. Have a few benches hardscaped into your pool area. The benches can even have an end table next to them where you can set your book or drink while watching what goes on in the pool.

Workout Platform

If you use your pool for workouts, you may enjoy also having an area where you can work out on dry land, overlooking the pool. Consider having a platform hardscaped into the side of the pool. This way, you can feel like you have a dedicated workout space, rather than just working out in the poolside. Have a drink holder worked into the hardscape design so you can set your water bottle there without it toppling over.

Rock Formations

Consider going a little more natural with your hardscape. Have your designer include a few rocks around your pool. One or two of them should be large enough for you to perch on when hanging out by the pools. Others can be positioned near the pool entrance so you can grab onto them as you enter the pool.

If any of the hardscaping ideas above sound appealing, talk to your landscaping professionals to learn more about your options. Remember, you can use more than one idea at once!