3 Tips To Help Choose The Right Tractor For Your Lawn Or Property Maintenance Needs

When it comes to lawn tractors, you have hundreds of choices, which can be something as small as a zero-turn radius riding lawn mower to a small sized tractor that can cut grass and use a variety of PTO attachments. If you have a large lawn, you may just want a riding lawnmower to cut the grass; if you do a lot of projects around your home, you may want to have something a little powerful for more functionality. If you have a large farm or forested property, you may want to have a small tractor to do all the daily chores that are part of regular upkeep and maintenance. Here are some tips to help you choose the right type of tractor for different custom landscaping and property maintenance needs:

1. Riding Lawn Mower for The Small Suburban Lawn of The Average Joe

The simplest and least expensive choice for your lawn maintenance needs is a riding lawnmower. These are small lawnmowers with a seat, and they have a belt or chain that drives the wheels. Riding lawnmowers will usually have a limited amount of power and the smallest models may be a little slow. Larger models with have a little more speed and an eye hole in the rear to attach a garden cart to them for moving small amounts of materials around your garden with ease.

2. Investing in A Larger Lawn Tractor for More Functionality for Outdoor Projects

If you have a larger area to care for, you may want to invest in a garden tractor that has PTO auxiliary shaft for attaching different tools, such as cutters and tillers. They will also be able to easily tow small garden trailers and use attachments such as snow plows on that attach to the front nose. Some of these small lawn tractors may have a grass cutter mounted beneath and have limited force for operating PTO equipment.

3. Small Tractors for The Needs of Small Farm Operations and Large Parcels of Land

For larger landscaping and property maintenance needs, there are smaller model tractors that give you a variety of options for tools and equipment that can be mounted on them. They will be able to operate most smaller PTO tractor attachments, and often have a hydraulics, so that a loader bucket attachment can be added and other types of hydraulic operated equipment can be used with them.

These are some tips for helping choose the right type of lawn tractor for the maintenance needs around your home. Having a tractor for property maintenance is a good investment, but some of the task that need to be done, it is better to contact a landscaping contractor. This is the case for grading of runoff, installing retaining walls, or for help with extensive renovation. Even if you have a landscaping service help with maintenance, a tractor is a good investment for property management and doing a variety of different jobs around your home.