Various Types Of Lawn You Can Install In Your Yard

The type of landscaping you have in your front yard can affect your yard maintenance and watering costs in addition to provide a beautiful appearance to your home. There are several types of lawn grass you can plant or install in your yard, and here are some benefits of each to help you choose the right type for your yard.

Artificial Turf

The artificial lawn available today is much different than the type used in sports fields several decades ago. In fact, artificial turf looks so similar to real lawn that it can be difficult to tell the difference. Artificial turf today is made of synthetic materials, including polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, and recycled rubber and plastic grass blades.

Artificial turf comes in a variety of styles, types, and lengths, depending on the type of lawn you want in your yard. You can install an artificial turf lawn to look like fescue or bluegrass, for example, and even have a layer of thatch to resemble the real thing.

Your artificial lawn will feel soft like a real lawn and bounce back similar to a live grass, but does not require mowing or watering. If you live in an arid desert climate or an area of drought, this can be helpful to the environment and your water bill. In the fall when leaves litter your artificial turf, you can use a turf vacuum over the lawn to pick up all the leaves that have fallen.

Real Lawn

Growing real lawn requires some patience to keep the grass seed watered and the lawn mowed, weeded, and fertilized throughout the year, but you will eventually have a live lawn that can improve with age. Because a real lawn is a live plant, it releases carbon dioxide, which helps the environment. And your lawn will help cool the environment and the air of your yard to make your outdoor space more comfortable.

Be sure you keep a regular, healthy watering schedule for your lawn to ensure that its roots grow deeply and help your lawn be as drought-resistant as possible. It is recommended to water your lawn less frequently but for longer durations. This timing of your lawn irrigation will provide your lawn with as much water as it needs and deliver the water more deeply, which prompts your lawn to grow deeper roots. Doing so will help make your lawn resistant to sun scorch and diseases that can affects its health.

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