Using Mexican Beach Pebbles to Add Life to a Landscape

Some of the simplest details can give a landscape an added level of visual appeal. Mexican beach pebbles have become a desirable choice for landscapers and hardscapers who are trying to take outdoor spaces up a notch. Before you add them to your arsenal, here's what you need to know.

Monitoring for Quality

You're likely going to need a lot of material for your job, and that means you'll most likely be purchasing wholesale Mexican beach pebbles from a supplier or distributor. Thankfully, the demand for bulk wholesale Mexican beach pebbles has reached the point where you can expect to have access to them regionally or via the internet.

With that in mind, you need to monitor the supply you get for quality. Yes, there are lots of fakes out there. One technique for spotting fakes is to check the texture and pores. Under a microscope, real beach pebbles will have tiny abrasions that are the product of being battered by salt and sand in the ocean for many years.

Ask your supplier for samples and a return guarantee. If possible, try to get documentation of the origination of the materials from Mexico. When you check the samples, the quickest giveaways will be that they're either too smooth, having been machined too much, or too rough, the product of zero-effort fakery. Large numbers of highly geometric shapes in the pile will also be a tell. Most authentic Mexican beach pebbles have a dark or black hue, too.


Putting down a layer of mulch can become downright boring, and it can also be impractical in regions where xeriscaping is required. Wholesale Mexican beach pebbles offer a great alternative if you're looking for something to line a walkway or to put around the edges of water features. You may also set them in place to create stunning hardscaping features, such as on retaining walls.

Putting Them in Place

In order to keep your beach pebbles from wandering off, it is a good idea to install a matrix material underneath them. Crusher dust, a material from quarries, is a popular option, but make sure you acquire black dust that won't cause too stark of a contract with your pebbles. If you're not sure if a quarry near you can supply black crusher dust, you may want to ask the wholesaler you intend to purchase the pebbles from if they have any recommendations.