3 Compelling Reasons To Repair Your Fence

A fence plays an important role in the function and aesthetic of your home. Homeowners often let their fencing fall into disrepair, and failing to invest in repairs when they are needed could compromise the safety and security of your home.

There are many reasons why maintaining your fencing should be a top priority, and these are just a few of the more compelling ones.

1. Protect Your Children

Young kids like to spend time playing outdoors. Parents will often invest in playground sets and other toys that can entertain children while they are playing in the yard. If you allow your children to spend time in your yard, a fully functional fence is an absolute necessity.

Missing slats or holes in your chain link provide an exit for children. Your kids could easily sneak out of your yard and wander off. The risk of an unsupervised child getting hit by a vehicle or being abducted exists, so keeping your fence in good repair is a critical component when it comes to protecting your kids.

2. Protect Your Pets

It's not just children that need to be protected while spending time outdoors. Many families have a dog in the household. It is common practice to let the dog out in the yard for a frolic and restroom break. A dog that escapes your yard through a damaged fence and causes any harm could leave you legally liable.

Repairing your fence as soon as damage is spotted will also protect your pet from abduction. Purebred dogs can be worth a lot of money, and thieves will not hesitate to enter your yard through a damaged fence to take your pet for resale.

3. Avoid Fines

Do you live in a neighborhood managed by an HOA? If so, neglecting your fence could be costly. HOA rules and regulations govern the appearance of a home's exterior. Any homeowners failing to adhere to these rules could be assessed fines.

Broken fences compromise the aesthetic of the whole neighborhood. Invest in regular maintenance and repairs so that you don't have to be at odds with your neighbors or pay costly fines levied by your HOA.

Your fence should never be an afterthought. The quality of your fence can affect the safety of your family, the appearance of your home, and the balance in your bank account. Contact a fencing company like Eastcoast Sitework to repair or replace your damaged fence.