Ways To Prevent Soil Erosion In Your Hilly Yard

If you live on a hilly property, you may have to deal with soil erosion problems at some point. Erosion isn't too much of a problem as long as the ground is covered, but when the soil is bare, dirt washes away with every rain. You'll not only lose topsoil from the slope, but the soil will also likely build up where you don't want it. Fortunately, controlling soil erosion usually isn't too hard. You can hire a landscaping company to help when needed, or you can try some DIY methods first. Here are some methods that might help keep soil where it belongs.

Plant Ground Cover

Soil stays on a hill as long as the ground is covered with grass or wildflowers. The trick is getting the plants to grow on a slope. Rain causes seeds to wash away and young plants to pull out their roots and die or wash away. You might need a landscaper to hydroseed a hillside so the grass has a better chance of taking hold. After hydroseeding, the landscaper may apply a layer of straw or a biodegradable blanket to help hold things in place until the plants get strong and secure.

Use Barriers To Stop Soil Movement

Another way to stop soil erosion is to use rocks or timbers to keep soil from washing completely away. If you have trouble growing grass or ground cover on the hill, consider covering the hill with stones or placing timbers along the base of the hill. The soil won't splash away if rain lands on rocks, mulch, or some other type of hardscaping, and any soil that is affected can be stopped from flowing into an undesired area by putting up a barrier that stops soil movement.

Build A Terrace

The approach you take for soil erosion control depends on the size of the hill, the degree of the slope, and where the hill is located on your property. Stones and beams may slow down or stop soil erosion, but they may not be the ideal solution for a front yard where appearance is important. An erosion control method that is also attractive is building a terrace into the hill. A series of retaining walls creates steps in the hill that provides areas of flat ground rather than one long slope that allows soil to wear away with every rain. It's much easier to grow flowers and grass in the flat terrace areas, so bare soil is no longer a problem and you won't have to worry about losing your soil as long as you keep the ground covered with plants, mulch, or rocks.

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