Three Places To Use Turf In A Color Other Than Green

When you picture artificial turf, you almost certainly imagine a particular shade of green — and with good reason. Green artificial turf is common in a wide range of areas, including in peoples' backyards, at sports venues, and in many other locations around the community. What you might not know is that artificial turf is available in many colors other than green, and that these colors can be valuable in a variety of commercial applications. While this turf won't look like grass because of its color, it can provide a lot of other benefits — namely, visual intrigue and a unique appearance. Here are three effective commercial applications for this product.

Sports Fields

Green might be the main color of turf that you choose when you're outfitting a sports field, but turf in other colors can be useful in a variety of ways. If you're building a high school or community football field, for example, you might choose to have a different color of turf in the end zones or along the sidelines. If so, selecting a color that matches the home team's uniforms is a good idea. For a baseball field that is equipped with green turf, consider brown turf in foul territory. It will mimic the clay that is usually found on the foul side of the line.

Community Playgrounds

There are a lot of benefits to covering parts of community playgrounds with artificial turf. Namely, this material isn't messy, so children won't get dirty and grass stained while they play. Green is certainly an adequate choice for a community playground, but there's no harm in considering a different color, too. You can't go wrong with a primary color — blue, red, or yellow. These colors are bright and cheery, and can definitely transform the look of a playground and make local children eager to visit.

Driving Range

If you operate a driving range, it can often make sense to cover the area in artificial turf instead of natural grass. Doing so lessens the need for regular maintenance. While you'll want to use a lot of green turf to mimic the look of a golf course, you can have some fun by adding other colors of turf in select areas. For example, a large, circular area of blue turf can represent a water hazard, while several brown turf areas can represent sand hazards. Your golfers will endeavor to keep their balls away from these areas while they play.