How To Tell That It Is Time For A Fence Replacement In Your Home

Wooden fences are popularly used across the world because they offer natural beauty and a traditional look. Nevertheless, it is good to know that your wooden fences won't last forever. At some point, their conditioning will start deteriorating due to natural wear and tear, water damage, or other factors, which will negatively affect their lifespan. Although investing in timely repair and routine maintenance can extend your wooden fences' lifespan, there will come a time when replacing them will be inevitable. When it comes to replacing your fence, it is advisable to hire a fence installation contractor for quality services. But how will you know that your wooden fence has reached the end of its useful life? 

Here are three signs you should never ignore:

Your Fence Is Leaning Off to One Side or Sagging

As your wooden fence ages, it may lose its strength and lean off to one side. Shifting grounds and storms may also cause your wooden fence to sag or lean off to one side. A saggy fence is on the verge of collapsing, which will compromise your privacy. Therefore, when you notice this sign, you should hire a fence installation contractor as soon as possible to install a new fence in your home. The new fence will keep your pets secure and offer more privacy for your landscape.  

Your Wooden Fence Is Rotting

Your wooden fences may be rotting if you notice yellow or gray stains on them. The stains may occur due to water damage, especially if your neighborhood regularly receives a lot of rain. Applying a preservative and investing in regular maintenance can prolong the lifespan of your fence. Nevertheless, if the rotting is severe, repairing the fence won't work. Overlooking a rotten fence may ruin its structural integrity and your home's appearance. In such a situation, you shouldn't hesitate to hire a fence installer to eliminate the rotten fence and install a new one. 

The Repairs Are Too Costly

The useful life of your current fence may be over if the repair costs are too high and frequent. It is a clear sign that your fence desperately needs replacement. When the repair costs for your old fence increase beyond your control, hiring a fence installation contractor to get rid of the current fence and replace it with a new one will make financial sense. The new fence will meet your requirements and improve the curb appeal of your home.  

When your wooden fence is on the verge of failing or collapsing, it will start portraying the above signs of distress. As a homeowner, you should hire a certified fence installation contractor to replace your faulty fence before the situation gets out of hand. The new fence will keep out the prying eyes of nosy passersby and neighbors, which will improve privacy and safety in your home.