Lawn Care Services You Might Need To Rejuvenate Your Grass

If you do your own lawn care but your yard seems to look worse every year, you could probably use some help from a lawn care service. They can help you rejuvenate your grass. Here are lawn services you might need to bring life back to a lawn filled with weeds and dying grass.

Fertilize The Grass

A lawn service may discuss the pros and cons of putting in new sod and spreading new seeds. Rejuvenating your lawn with seeds is much less expensive, and with the help of a lawn care service, it may be enough to get grass growing over bare spots and in places taken over by weeds.

The lawn service may need to add fertilizer at the appropriate times so the seeds stay healthy and develop strong roots. If you use a lawn care service all year, they can add fertilizer at the start of the season and throughout the year as needed.

Eliminate Weeds

In addition to fertilizer, your lawn may need herbicides to kill off weeds. The right type of weed killer is chosen so the grass isn't affected. The lawn professional can identify the type of weeds you have and the type of lawn pests that might be present so the right treatments can be applied to your lawn.

Schedule Mowing

Mowing is a basic lawn service, but it's one of the most important. By keeping your lawn at the right height, your grass stays healthier and more attractive. While an attractive lawn is your goal, regular mowing is also an effective way to deal with weeds since strong grass won't give weeds a chance to grow.

Fill In Bare Spots

If areas of your yard have died and they are bare or brown, you might need to have grass plugs put in the soil. This will speed up the process of filling in your yard with healthy grass.

Install A Sprinkler System

Grass needs water on a regular basis to survive. If you live where your lawn has to go long periods without rain, you may have a hard time getting your grass to stay healthy without a sprinkler system.

A sprinkler system works automatically once you have it installed. This way, you don't have to drag a hose around your yard or remember to turn the sprinklers on. Learn how to care for the type of grass you have since different types have different needs for water.

After several weeks of proper care, your grass may go from something that embarrasses you to a lawn that makes you feel proud every time you pull in your driveway. Growing a lush lawn isn't as easy as it seems. If you're having trouble, professional help could be the solution. Contact a lawn care service for more information.