5 Ways to Protect Your Foundation Through Landscape Design

Most homeowners know that their landscape design can add value and appeal to the home. But it can also help protect your home. Consider, for example, how it can protect the home's foundation. Here are five ways you can use your closest landscape to maintain this very important part of the house's structure. 

1. Grade Away From the House.

The slope around your home is one of the most important factors for protecting the foundation. Water must drain away from the foundation rather than toward it. This takes careful planning when designing the landscape immediately at the base of the house, but it should also be reassessed over time as conditions can erode. 

2. Avoid Large Roots.

Root systems threaten the foundation as they grow larger and more invasive. Homeowners, then, should avoid planting trees too close to the house. Proper tree placement in relation to the foundation depends on the mature size and growth pattern of each tree, so you should consult with experienced professionals before choosing trees or locations. 

3. Don't Leave Bare Sections. 

Often, the same level of attention isn't given to all parts of your yard's landscape. You may not landscape as diligently around the sides or backyard as you do the front yard, for instance. But this can create uneven patterns of water drainage that can cause foundation damage. Instead, design protective layers and proper drainage on all sides. 

4. Keep Moisture Even.

While pooling water at the foundation causes structural problems, so does too little moisture. If the soil around the foundation becomes too dry and loses density, it can shift in ways that make foundation problems worse. Design a plan to promote even moisture coverage around the foundation using tools like mulch and plants that shade the ground. 

5. Watch Your Downspouts.

Your gutter system is vital for directing rain and snow away from the foundation, but the downspouts are the key. Downspouts should extend far enough away in some places to prevent water from draining right back to the foundation. You might combine these with French drains under the ground as well. Or consider using pooling water safely through a well-planned rain garden. 

A good landscape design around the base of the house will promote the health of your foundation. And it will make the yard more comfortable and enjoyable for all. Learn more by working with services like C  & J Landscaping.