What You Should Know About Sprinklers And Sprinkler Issues

A lawn can look fantastic and really help to make your yard what you always imagined. However, it can also require a lot of work. Even if you have someone coming out to tend to things like the mowing, weeding, and edging of the lawn, you still need to make sure it is getting enough water. This can mean spending a good part of each day in the yard with the hose unless you have a sprinkler system. You can learn some great things about having a sprinkler system here, as well as reasons why taking care of sprinkler repairs right away is so important. 

The Benefits of Having a Sprinkler System

  • Prevent overwatering - When you use a hose to manually water your lawn, there is the chance that you will be overwatering some areas of the lawn. Not only does this waste water, but it can also increase the chances of ending up with a mosquito infestation. Also, too much water can end up drowning the roots, and it increases the chances of you ending up with weeds in the yard. When you have a sprinkler system, it helps ensure the lawn is getting the appropriate amount of water. 
  • Prevent underwatering - What's more common when you don't have a sprinkler system is that the lawn won't get enough water. When your lawn doesn't get enough water, it can end up turning brown, and this can happen quite quickly. It will also thin out, and it will be much more susceptible to diseases, pest issues, and other problems due to its weakened and unhealthy state. 

The sprinklers will ensure the lawn is watered enough. You can put the sprinklers on timers, and they will come on to water the lawn on the days and times they are set for. This means, even if you take a vacation, your lawn will continue getting the water it needs even though you aren't home. 

The Importance of Taking Care of Repairs Right Away

  • Repair problems with leaking pipes - Something that can happen with the sprinkler system is a pipe can leak or even burst. Either of these things can cause a lot of water loss. Also, the water won't be able to water some parts of the lawn. If you notice some parts of the lawn aren't getting the same amount of water, or you spot a puddle in the yard, it can be a leaking/burst pipe, and you need it repaired right away. 
  • Repair broken sprinkler parts - Your sprinkler heads come out to water the lawn and go back down to surface level when they are done. This is important for the lawn, and it's a safety feature as well. If you see one or more sprinkler heads aren't going down, or they are stuck underneath, then you need this to be fixed right away. Otherwise, the lawn can be damaged and someone can trip over the sprinkler head and get hurt.