Calling All Birds! Designing A Landscape To Attract Your Feathered Friends

Do you enjoy watching and feeding the various kinds of birds that visit your yard? Creating a landscape that provides plenty of natural food sources and adequate nesting and shelter will have the birds flocking to your yard. Landscaping for the birds is a wise decision that will provide you with years of enjoyment from watching the unique birds that visit your yard.

Go organic

When creating a landscape for the birds, it is important to use natural methods to keep your yard healthy and flourishing. You will not want to use any pesticides or herbicides on your property to provide an environment that is safe and healthy for the birds.

Establishing habitats

You should check with your local wildlife center to determine which bird habitats are best for your area and climate. Birds are naturally drawn to areas where two or more habitats come together. Creating several habitat areas on your property will draw in the birds.


If you have a wooded area on your property, consider resisting the urge to remove all dead trees. Leave a few dead trees standing or cut them to a height where they do not pose a danger to any property structures. Dead trees are a favorite for attracting various woodpeckers to your yard. 

Plant wisdom

Design your landscape with plants and trees that perform double duty. For instance, evergreens provide birds with shelter from winter winds and give birds protection when other trees are barren but provide nesting sites in spring. Colorful flowers, such as wildflowers, sunflowers, honeysuckle, and columbine naturally attract birds but also provide food.

Provide refuge

Shrubs and bushes are places birds can seek refuge from predators. It is important to place shrubbery in places of transition throughout your landscape, such as spaces between wooded areas and an open field. For lawns where shrubbery is not well-established, you can create brush piles along the back of your property where birds can seek protection.

Water matters

Birds enjoy splashing in water and need water for drinking. Whether you add a pond to your landscape or take advantage of hardscaping features, such as birdbaths or fountains, adding water elements to your landscape will surely attract the birds.

Whether you are single or have a spouse and kids, landscaping for the birds will give you a hobby you can enjoy for life. Your landscape designer will work with you to develop an outdoor space that provides the essentials birds need to make your backyard their home. Landscaping for the birds is a win-win solution for you and the birds.

For more information on landscape design, contact a professional near you.