Minimize Time Spent On Upkeep With The Right Landscape Overhaul

You may have taken ownership of a lush and busy landscape when you bought your property. Although you may love the beauty that it brings, you might also have to spend more time than you would like on upkeep. This level of upkeep is something you may continue doing because you do not want the landscape to become overgrown, pest-ridden, or unhealthy.

An excellent plan is to overhaul your landscape with help from professionals. The right goals and projects will give you a beautiful front yard and backyard that are easy to maintain.

Irrigation System

One of the most practical additions is an irrigation system because it will handle most or all your landscape's watering needs. No longer will you need to go outside every day, or every other day, to water the grass, plants, and trees because a complete system can handle this task.

Even the most basic irrigation system will provide valuable watering and time savings. However, you can get a smart irrigation controller that uses weather forecasting to change watering. The system will even avoid watering when it detects that there is water already on the ground.

While an irrigation system is a great way to keep grass healthy, you may still be interested in changing the grass type to suit your needs better. Luckily, you can work with professionals to swap to a different grass while installing the irrigation system to enjoy an ideal outcome.

Retaining Walls

Depending on your landscape's elevation, you may find that rainfall can lead to erosion and flooding in certain areas. Puddles building up around sensitive plants is an issue. You can use retaining walls to prevent erosion and do a better job of controlling where rainwater goes.

You can grow flood-tolerant plants at the top and bottom of retaining walls because they will thrive in wet conditions and help soak up puddled water.

Native Trees

Nonnative trees often look beautiful on a property because they look rare and unique compared to nearby trees. However, you may own several nonnative trees that require extra work than native ones because they are not growing in their preferred climate.

Removing these trees and growing native trees is a reliable way to reduce upkeep. You can also prioritize slow-growing trees because they will need less trimming than fast growers.

Minimize time spent on upkeep by making some or all these changes in a landscape overhaul. To learn more, contact a landscaping service such as Christal Clean Landscapes.