What Types of Plants Fit Your Shady Landscape?

If shade trees cover most of your yard, you may wonder if you can still plant flowers or add a garden to your landscape. Although many plants require plenty of sunlight to grow well, some flowers and vegetables can survive in shady environments. Use the information below to help you find plants that grow well in shady landscapes.

What Types of Plants Grow Well in Shade?

Although shade trees can keep your home reasonably comfortable throughout the year, the trees can also cause problems for your landscape. Some types of trees can keep the sun's light from reaching the ground around your property. Plants that grow well in direct sunlight may not thrive on your property. However, some vegetables, shrubs, herbs, and flowers do quite well in shady or partially shady environments. 

A wide array of vegetables grow well in landscapes with minimal sunlight, including broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower. Some vegetables obtain some of the sunlight they need each day through their vines. The vegetables that use their vines to climb or move toward sunlight include cucumbers and beans. 

A number of flowering plants can also survive your type of landscape, including brightly-colored impatiens. The flowering plants help control the moisture content in shady or partially shady yards.

If you think the plants above will work great in your shady or partially shady yard, call a landscaper for help today.

Who Can Prepare Your Landscape for You?

The first thing you must do before you plant your shade-loving plants is planned out your landscape. Your landscape must be able to sustain each type of plant you put in it throughout the year. If you don't plan or prepare your landscape properly, some of your plants may not survive each season.

A landscaper will check the soil conditions on your property for you. If your soil is too wet, it can grow mold and mildew during the year. If your soil is too dry, it may not hold onto water properly. A landscaper will install a drainage system in your landscape to keep the soil in the right condition for all of your plants.

A contractor can also place different things in your yard to keep your plants healthy, such as climbing poles for your cucumbers or mulch for your plants that bolt. Bolting plants will increase their growth to survive times of drought. Mulch keeps the soil moist enough to sustain the needs of bolting plants.

After a contractor helps you create the ideal landscape for your plants, they'll help you place the seeds in the ground. 

If you need help turning your shady landscape into the ideal place for plants, contact a landscaping service today.