Want to Spice Up Your Landscaping? Use Decorative Landscaping Rocks

If you would like to make your beautiful landscaping look even better, you should consider using decorative landscaping rocks. Below is information on different ways you can use these so you can purchase your rocks and get started. You can then purchase landscaping rocks from a rock supplier or at a local garden center. 

Use as an Edging

If you have one or more flower gardens in your yard, they need to have an edging. Edging prevents grass and weeds from spreading into the garden. There is a variety of edging you can choose from, including using landscaping rocks. 

To use the rocks as an edging, dig a trench that is two to three inches deep with a trowel or a shovel. Lay some landscaping fabric into the trench. You can cut this fabric to the size you need. The fabric will hold the rocks in place.  Next, lay a two to three-inch layer of decorative landscaping rocks on top of the landscaping fabric.  You may need a higher layer, depending on the type of flower gardens you have. When you are finished, the rocks will stay in place and will last for many years. 

Use as Mulch

Along with an edging for your flower garden, you can use the rocks as mulch in your gardens. Mulch is beneficial as it prevents weeds from growing in your flower garden. Weeds can quickly take over flowers and even cause them to die. This is because weeds take water and nutrients away from your flowers. 

Put a layer of two to three inches of decorative landscaping rocks in the flower garden. Do not crowd them close to the flowers or you will smother them. Choose decorative landscaping rocks in different designs or colors to make your flower garden look even more beautiful and interesting.  

Create a Pathway

You can create a pathway using the landscaping rocks that leads anywhere in your yard. A pathway works great leading to your front porch as people do not have to walk on the grass. This is especially beneficial after it rains as people would not get their feet wet and muddy. You could create a pathway that leads to your flower garden or a sitting area in your yard. 

Decide where you want the path and dig to remove vegetation until you are only left with bare soil. Lay landscaping fabric on the path first. This fabric not only keeps the rocks in place, but it also works as a weed barrier. Lay the landscaping rocks on top of the fabric until they are at the height you want them to be. Make sure the rocks are level when you finish. If there are empty areas, you can use pea gravel to fill them in. You also need to install an edging on each side of the pathway to keep the landscaping rocks on the path. There is metal edging that is inexpensive, or you could lay concrete or brick edging along the path. 

There are other ways to use decorative landscaping rocks in your landscaping, such as to create a rock garden or use around a fire pit.