Yard A Wet Mess After It Rains? 2 Drainage Solutions To Dry Things Out Faster

If your yard is a wet mess after it rains, this means water is not draining into the soil fast enough. This can ruin landscaping as bushes, flowers, etc. will get water soaked which can cause problems. Fortunately, there are drainage solutions that can help you with this, two of which are listed below. 

Install a French Drain

One way to deal with the drainage problem is by hiring a professional to install a French drain on your property. This involves digging a trench, placing the perforated pipe in the trench, and placing rocks over the pipe to hold it in place. A sump pump is connected to the French drain so when it rains, water flows through the pipe into the sump pump. The water is then pumped to another area, such as to a street or to a storm drain. 

The contractor will decide the best place to put the French drain. This will depend on how water drains, such as if there is a slope in your yard. A French drain will also prevent water from flowing toward your home and causing flooding in a basement or damaging your home's foundation. French drains are often installed near a home's foundation. 

Aerate Your Lawn

Aerating your lawn may work well for you if your soil is compacted. Water cannot drain through compacted soil so it will build up. By aerating, you are putting holes in the soil to allow water to easily drain when it rains. Aerating can also help make your grass much healthier as water will get to the grassroots. 

There are aerators that you can purchase or rent and do on your own. You can also hire a landscape contractor to aerate your lawn for you. There are spike aerators that punch holes in the ground. There are also core aerators that pull out plugs of soil as you drive the aerator over the lawn. You leave the plugs on the soil as they will break down on their own to provide more nutrients to the soil. If you have a small yard, you can purchase an aerator that attaches to the back of a lawnmower to drive over the lawn. 

Talk with a landscaping contractor and they can give you tips on other ways to help with your drainage problems. This may be by planting the right type of ground cover, installing a catch basin, and much more. For more information on emergency drainage solutions, contact a professional near you.