Have Dead Trees On Your Property? Why You Should Hire A Tree Service To Remove Them

If you have dead trees on your property this can make your landscaping look bad. There are many more reasons why you should remove them, however, two of which are listed below. You can then hire a tree trimming service to do this job for you to ensure it is done safely. 

Avoid Pest Problems  

There are many insects that are drawn to wood, such as ants and termites, and will set up a house in a dead tree. These insects can cause damage to a home, especially when it comes to termites. Over time the insects will multiply and need to find other homes to live in. If your home is nearby this is the perfect place for them. Insects will also spread to healthy trees nearby the dead trees or any type of wooden structure you may have in your yard. 

Rodents may also choose the dead tree as a place to set up their home. When the weather becomes bad, such as it becomes too hot or too cold, the rodents will look for a more comfortable place to live, such as your home. You would then end up with a rodent problem that could turn into an infestation. 

Prevent Damage and Injury

Dead trees have dead branches, and these branches will fall. If the tree is large the branches are also likely large. When a branch falls it can cause damage if it hits something. For example, the tree may be near your home and the branches may hit the roof. This can result in a lot of roof damage which can then result in you paying for expensive roof repairs. The trees may be close to a garage, a shed, a fence, or other structures. 

If you have children or pets that play in the yard a tree branch could fall and injure them. If you have a neighbor, neighborhood children, etc. in your yard and this happens, you may be sued. The entire tree could also fall if it has been sitting dead on your property for a long time. This could cause death to someone nearby or catastrophic damage to a home. 

Contact a tree trimming service to cut down your dead trees. They have the equipment and the experience to do this for you safely and quickly. While they are there, ask the tree service to look at neighboring trees. If the dead trees had a disease, it may have spread to your other trees. 

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