Avoiding Serious Mistakes with Caring for Your Lawn

Lawn management and care can be essential for preserving the appearance of your property. Unfortunately, individuals may make some mistakes when it comes to protecting their lawns against weeds. This could lead to their weed problems being significantly worse than they otherwise would be.

Watering the Areas That Are Not Covered by the Lawn

Watering the lawn is one of the most important steps for keeping it healthy. However, you will need to be mindful when you are watering the lawn to avoid getting water on bare patches of soil. If these areas of the property are regularly watered, this could lead to weeds sprouting in this space. If you are using sprinklers to water your lawn, you will want to be thoughtful when you are positioning and angling them so that they will avoid getting bare patches of soil wet. Covering these areas with mulch may lessen the ability of weeds to grow, but you will still want to avoid needlessly watering these areas if you are to successfully mitigate the growth of weeds.

Cutting the Grass Too Short

Cutting the grass too short is another error that will contribute to an increase in the presence of weeds on your property. Weeds can develop very rapidly, and this means that it is important to help prevent them from germinating. Cutting the grass too short can be one mistake that may actually make it much easier for weeds to germinate on your property. More specifically, this could provide the weed seedlings with the sunlight and space that is needed for rapid growth and development. By keeping the grass between two to three inches in length, you can make it much harder for weeds to germinate.

Assuming That Pulling The Weeds Will Be Sufficient For Removing Them

Many homeowners will periodically tour their lawns to pull any weeds that may be visible. While pulling the weeds can help to reduce their visible impact on the lawn, you should be aware that this may not be sufficient for fully eliminating them. This is due to the fact that the weeds will be able to rapidly heal and resume growing as long as the roots are left intact. When pulling weeds, you will need to be sure to get as much of the root system as possible. Herbicides may be a better option for this process as they can penetrate far enough into the soil to neutralize the roots of the weeds. Talk to a lawn care professional to learn the best way to get rid of weeds in your lawn.