3 Reasons To Choose Rubber Mulch For Your Landscape

Mulch plays an important role in landscaping. The application of mulch can help in soil moisture retention and prevent soil erosion within your yard.

While most people think of traditional wood chips when thinking of mulch, rubber mulch is becoming more popular among homeowners. A rubber mulch product can offer a number of benefits that traditional wood mulch cannot. 

Learn more about the reasons why you should choose rubber mulch for your own landscape.

1. Longevity

Mulch products aren't always cheap. The last thing you want to do is invest money in new mulch year after year. With rubber mulch, you will enjoy the benefit of longevity.

Rubber tends to deteriorate at a much slower rate than wood. This means that you can rely on rubber mulch to remain a contributing part of your landscape for many years to come.

Rubber mulch also tends to be heavier than its wood counterpart. This heaviness prevents rubber mulch from being blown away by strong winds.

If you are looking for mulch that will withstand the test of time, rubber mulch is your best option.

2. Less Maintenance

Today's homeowners are busier than ever before. Family, social, and work obligations likely take up a lot of your time. As a result, you don't want to invest in mulch that will require a lot of maintenance over time.

Wood mulch tends to fade and decompose over time. You will need to remove the old mulch and spread new mulch regularly in order to keep your landscape looking nice.

Rubber mulch requires far less maintenance. It won't fade when exposed to direct sunlight, so you can count on rubber mulch to maintain the aesthetic of your yard.

Rubber mulch is the best option for anyone who doesn't have a lot of extra time to invest in maintaining their home's landscape.

3. Fewer Pests

A variety of pests can be drawn to wood mulch. Wood mulch is made from organic materials that decompose over time. This decomposition can draw the attention of many unwanted pests, like termites or carpenter ants.

These pests tend to feast on the decomposing wood mulch around your home. Having wood mulch can increase the risk of your home sustaining termite damage or being infested by other insects.

Rubber mulch is made entirely from non-organic materials. Pests will not be attracted to rubber mulch, which helps you reduce the likelihood of any pest damage on your property.

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