3 Types Of Landscape Installations To Consider This Spring

Spring has arrived so you need to plan for your landscaping. One thing you should consider is hiring a landscape installation company. This will make things much easier for you and ensure your landscaping looks beautiful this year. Below are three things they may suggest that you do. 

Add a Fence

If you do not have fencing, the landscape installation company may suggest that you add some. You could put a fence around your entire yard, around the backyard only, or a fence around a garden. A fence is beneficial as it keeps animals, kids, etc. out of your yard that may harm your landscaping. If you have a dog, a fence will keep them inside your yard. 

There are a variety of fencing options you can choose from. There is a chain link fence which is not expensive and available in a variety of heights. There is PVC fencing that is easy to maintain as it will not rust and is not subject to insects. To clean a PVC fence you simply hose it down and wipe down any areas with stuck-on debris or dirt. There are also wood fencing and composite fencing you can choose from. The landscape installation company can help you choose what would work best for you and your budget. 

Add Landscape Lighting

Another thing the landscape installation company can do for you is add landscape lighting. This is especially beneficial if you like to spend time outside at night and entertain guests after the sun goes down.

There are a variety of landscape lighting options. This can include installing pathway lights so people can see at night when they come to your home. You may want to install up lighting which is landscape lighting that shines upward on a certain object. There is downlighting as well which is lights that shine downward on a certain area or object. Some lights are solar, so you do not have to have electricity. In many cases, however, the landscape installation company should install the lighting for you. 

Plant Flowers, Shrubs, and Grass

The landscape installation company can also help you choose and plant flowers in your yard. You may want a container garden if you do not have a large yard. There are many types of flowers to choose from including annuals that are easy to grow to perennials that come back year after year. 

The landscape installation company can also help you plant bushes or shrubs in your yard. There are a variety of bushes or shrubs you can choose from, and some will also provide you with flowers. If you have bare areas of your lawn after winter, the landscape installation company can plant grass seed for you also.

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