Sloped Lawn Tips

It can be frustrating to look out over your lawn and see ugly, patchy growth and brown spots, especially if you have been doing your best to take care of the grass. If the area is sloped, even slightly, that could be the reason for the poor growth. The following will help you keep your lawn healthy, even in the sloping areas where maintenance can be more of a challenge.

Are Pesticides Safe To Use Against Weeds?

Pesticides are used to refer to various chemical substances that include insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides, which are used to control the growth or invasion of plants, animals, and fungi that negatively affect the plants grown in the yard. The use of pesticides remains controversial due to the downside of their use. As far as weeds are concerned, herbicides have been an important factor in weed control for a long time. However, there are many factors to consider before you choose to use a pesticide as a last resort against weeds.

Using Mexican Beach Pebbles to Add Life to a Landscape

Some of the simplest details can give a landscape an added level of visual appeal. Mexican beach pebbles have become a desirable choice for landscapers and hardscapers who are trying to take outdoor spaces up a notch. Before you add them to your arsenal, here's what you need to know. Monitoring for Quality You're likely going to need a lot of material for your job, and that means you'll most likely be purchasing wholesale Mexican beach pebbles from a supplier or distributor.

Various Types Of Lawn You Can Install In Your Yard

The type of landscaping you have in your front yard can affect your yard maintenance and watering costs in addition to provide a beautiful appearance to your home. There are several types of lawn grass you can plant or install in your yard, and here are some benefits of each to help you choose the right type for your yard. Artificial Turf The artificial lawn available today is much different than the type used in sports fields several decades ago.

3 Signs You Need To Overseed Your Yard

If you have a grass yard, maintaining the lawn is important. If you fail to maintain it, your lush, green yard can quickly turn into a brown or spotty yard. This can decrease the curb appeal of your home and, depending on where you live, cause you to receive warnings or fines from your HOA or city. One of the ways that you can maintain a lush and green lawn is to overseed your yard.