Features To Look For When Selecting Erosion Control Blankets

One of the most common methods of controlling erosion is to use an erosion control blanket. These blankets can be used permanently or can be used for the short-term in cases where they will be kept in place only until vegetation can grow and take over erosion control. Facilitating Vegetation Growth Erosion control blankets can help increase vegetation growth. They are able to hold seeds and soil in place. They can protect seedlings as they emerge.

Prepping For Back Yard Landscaping

If you've got quite a bit of land in your backyard, your family may be excited to do some landscaping to allow for certain activities or make the space appear more beautiful. However simple landscaping can seem at first, without preparation, any challenges that arise are tougher to handle. Use the following landscaping prep suggestions to ensure your yard is what you'd hoped:  1. Do Some Doodling The first landscaping task you should take on is sketching out your plans.

3 Considerations For Your Nighttime Landscape

Whether you are thinking about a business or residential landscape, you may not consider how your choices can affect people at night. Before finalize your design, there are several factors you should consider. Negative Space Making sure your landscape has adequate negative space can help the area feel less cluttered and creepy, especially at night. This includes the type of plants on your property and how they are maintained. When you are looking for plants and trees to add to your landscape, make sure you are aware of what they will look like at maturity.

Landscaping A Desert Yard? 5 Tips To Help It Bloom

If you're landscaping a desert yard, you may think that you're limited to a dull and lifeless yard. But, in reality, you can design a great yard even in the harshest of climates. Here are 5 top tips for a desert yard that rocks. Add Color. Select colors that will add to your yard by contrasting nicely with the red, brown, or sandy colors of the main base. This may even call for a little research into the color wheel so that you can choose complementary colors that will work well together or with other features.

4 Tips For Maintaining Your Lawn

One of the things you may be most proud of is your yard. This is the first thing your neighbors and guests will see. It's important to keep your lawn in good condition year-round to assist you in getting the most out of it. This can help you feel proud of all your hard work and efforts. Knowing specific tips that will enable you to accomplish this goal can be helpful.