3 Landscaping Projects to Consider When You Live in a Rainy Climate

Landscaping for an area that gets a lot of rain can require a lot more effort, but it can help you create a yard that feels like a unique fit for where you live. With a lot of rain, there come a lot more projects that can allow you to change up how your yard looks. Whether you're handling everything alone or getting ready to bring in a professional, you need to consider the following features that can be a must-have for your yard.

Three Sprinkler Installation Tips

Installing a sprinkler system will simplify your lawn care routine. The following three tips will help ensure that your system works well and is properly designed for your yard. 1. Check the Water Pressure Water pressure is not a constant, as it can vary per your municipality. You can get a municipal pressure reading and also a reading for your property by contacting your water district. If you are on well water, then you will need to use a water gauge to determine water pressure.

Three Places To Use Turf In A Color Other Than Green

When you picture artificial turf, you almost certainly imagine a particular shade of green — and with good reason. Green artificial turf is common in a wide range of areas, including in peoples' backyards, at sports venues, and in many other locations around the community. What you might not know is that artificial turf is available in many colors other than green, and that these colors can be valuable in a variety of commercial applications.