5 Ways to Protect Your Foundation Through Landscape Design

Most homeowners know that their landscape design can add value and appeal to the home. But it can also help protect your home. Consider, for example, how it can protect the home's foundation. Here are five ways you can use your closest landscape to maintain this very important part of the house's structure.  1. Grade Away From the House. The slope around your home is one of the most important factors for protecting the foundation.

Soil Stabilization For Gardens, Landscaping Projects, And More

Soil stabilization for gardens and landscaping is becoming a hot topic among the gardening community. Just two decades ago, the last thing a professional landscaper wanted to hear from a customer was that they wanted their soil stabilized. However, landscapers today have discovered soil stabilization provides many benefits to their customers and are now offering this service. Keep reading to find out about soil stabilization using lime and other techniques:

Why Removing Some Trees From Your Property Is Crucial

Trees accentuate your property by bringing out a natural appearance that appeals to the eye. Just like any other plant, trees have a lifespan depending on their species. When a tree ages, many problems, such as the risk of falling, emerge. At this point, you need tree removal services to get rid of aged trees. Here are reasons why you should cut some trees in your yard. Eliminates Dead Trees

Leaves And Your Yard: What You Should Know

As the weather starts to cool off, the leaves will begin to change and start falling from trees into your yard. One of the most common questions that homeowners have when it comes to leaves is whether they need to be raked. There are several different things that must be taken into consideration when considering whether you should rake your leaves, and it is important to know some alternatives to raking the leaves.

Lawn Care Services You Might Need To Rejuvenate Your Grass

If you do your own lawn care but your yard seems to look worse every year, you could probably use some help from a lawn care service. They can help you rejuvenate your grass. Here are lawn services you might need to bring life back to a lawn filled with weeds and dying grass. Fertilize The Grass A lawn service may discuss the pros and cons of putting in new sod and spreading new seeds.